Global Game Jam 2015

Global Game Jam 2015

Went to this years Global Game Jam at Staffordshire University and participated in the creation of an amazing/dumb visual novel.

Details and download here


I did the backgrounds and model photos.
A detail I'd like to point out is that we did not put a photo of the laptop above the photos of the models. We had a person off to the side holding the laptop up to the face of the model. For a while the idea was that the hands holding the laptop should be visible but that would look too weird when positioning characters anywhere but to the left on the screen.


The backgrounds were shots of random areas around the university with some typical VN filters applied to them. I used the settings -w 4 -a 8 -m colors -n 16 however something broke with the -n option on the command line so I edited the defaults in the script instead. That also made processing new images as they were added to the game folder quicker.